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Posted by ans on May 27, 2011

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While looking for an honest, true, delicious, and well-rounded All Natural Seasonings that can be used on anything you season or salt, the New All Natural Seasonings is the one!  Read this entire All Natural Seasonings Review and you will come to agree to give All Natural Seasonings a try.  You will love it as much as we do!

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The Truth About All Natural Seasonings and Salt Ingredients

Some All Natural Seasonings Processors are jumping on the anti-salt bandwagon, but it’s important to know the truth not only about salt but also all natural seasonings ingredients.  Doctor and dietitians advise you not to use salt.  “Eliminate it” or “Cut-Back” are the words we hear.  It’s even become a media frenzy.  You’re told to use No-Salt All Natural Seasonings or spices instead.  They will not, however,  explain to you about the body’s need for sodium nor explain that processed-salt is the culprit.  Sodium is essential to human health.  Organic, unprocessed sodium, found in the New All Natural Seasonings, is NOT the scoundrel of health problems.  Sodium is one of the essential minerals that make up parts of body tissues, and fluids.  Sodium plays an active role in the body’s regulatory and nerve functions and cellular integrity.  All Natural Seasonings uses pure, organic Pink Himalayan Salt and not the dreaded sodium chloride, a.k.a. – Iodized Table Salt.  Other All Natural Seasonings Processors, who claim that iodized salt is all natural, are lying to you.  MOST sea salt used in households and, yes, all natural seasonings is processed.  If you see any “white salt” in anything, including all natural seasonings, it is processed.  Unprocessed salt in all natural seasonings is not white; it will have color.  Sea salt used in all natural seasonings may even appear gray, or “dirty” in color.  Processed salt is total garbage for your health, while natural, unprocessed sodium is essential for your health.

New All Natural Seasonings Pink Himalayan Salt

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Pink Himalayan Salt Used In All Natural Seasonings


All Natural Seasonings Pink Himalayan Salt is known in the Himalayas as “white gold”.  Himalayan Pink Crystal Salt contains the same 84 natural minerals and elements found in the human body. This crystal form of salt used in All Natural Seasonings has also been maturing over the past 250 million years under intense tectonic pressure, creating an environment of zero exposure to toxins and impurities.  We have found only a handful of All Natural Seasonings Processors including, of course, The New All Natural Seasonings, uses unprocessed salt.

All Natural Seasonings and Hidden Preservatives

All Natural Seasonings also should contain NO chemical preservatives.  Many packaged seasonings, including some labeled as All Natural Seasonings, and processed foods contain MSG, or Monosodium Glutamate.  MSG is used in food as a flavor enhancer and has an addictive nature to the brain, making us crave all the junk (processed/fast/restaurant) food it is put onto or into.  MSG shuts down body productions daily.  It stops the production of the body’s 17 amino acids; blocks the fat digestive bile from removing toxins from the liver; keeps calcium channels open; it is responsible for migraines, and some epileptic seizures.  MSG affects the body’s management of its blood pressure and heart beat.  It is known to be linked to asthma attacks, childhood allergies, autism, obesity, diabetes and a host of other physical AND mental problems.  Again, SOME All Natural Seasonings contain MSG.  ALSO, be aware that many food and seasonings processors, including again some labeled All Natural Seasonings, are disguising MSG on their labels.  MSG is now being labeled as “Autolyzed Yeast Extract” or “Yeast Extract”.  We found a very popular frozen food entree manufacturer who now uses a large printing on the front of their packaging, “Contains No MSG!  We read the label, and guess what?  They’ve hidden MSG under the term “Yeast Extract”.  So, IMPORTANT to remember when looking for All Natural Seasonings –  Our New All Natural Seasonings is a superior product, using ONLY pure, quality all natural seasonings ingredients – NOTHING in the New All Natural Seasonings is chemically altered or synthetically produced.

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Another IMPORTANT consideration!  All Natural Seasonings processors may use all natural seasonings ingredients, but the source ingredients come to the processor packed in a “preservative”.  Fresh garlic, for example, that is used by some of the all natural seasonings processors may be delivered to their facility packed in water and phosphoric acid among other preservatives.  If the label on the All Natural Seasonings packaging says “Packed In Water For Freshness”, don’t trust it!  All natural seasonings ingredients packed in water only would rot, turn black, brown, or green in color, and become rancid.  The water needs to contain some type of preservative, such as phosphoric acid, to keep the ingredient safe for human consumption.  Dehydration of natural herbs and spices is your BEST option in All Natural Seasonings.  Why?  The ingredient is not chemically altered by a preservative.  It is simple moisture reduction.  The benefit of dehydration for you in all natural seasonings is that the product’s enzymes are preserved and mold and bacteria are eliminated.  The New All Natural Seasonings uses dehydrated garlic, crystal Pink Himalayan Salt (the best!), natural coarse ground black pepper and other dehydrated all natural seasonings spices.  The New All Natural Seasonings is the best tasting and most healthy of All Natural Seasonings that we’ve found and used.

All Natural Seasonings Buying Philosophy

Today’s economy forces many of us to keep watch on and/or change our spending habits, including the consideration of buying any type of All Natural Seasonings.  With that said, we resort to cutting back on what we buy and where we buy.  We’ve cut back on Starbucks and make our “to go” cup of coffee at home and pour it into a travel mug.  We opt out of shopping at high-end department stores, shopping at WalMart instead.  Instead of shopping at Whole Foods, we now do our grocery shopping at the discount grocery chains.  We forgo buying healthy all natural seasonings buying, instead, inexpensive table salt, seasonings, or the least expensive all natural seasonings.  Sometimes we are penny-wise and pound foolish.

In our attempt to educate you with this review regarding all natural seasonings, we’ve discovered that “less is more”.  Because of the all natural seasonings blend used in our new All Natural Seasonings, we’ve  found that we do not need to use nearly as much of our All Natural Seasonings, as we would use salt, pepper, or other big-name, mass-produced seasonings, or competitive all natural seasonings.  The all natural seasonings ingredients permeates the layers of your food with a burst of flavor.  You will use much less of of our All Natural Seasonings than what you currently use, AND our New All Natural Seasonings is good for your body!  In effect you will save money and improve your health.  Think twice about buying that container of iodized salt from the grocery store.  Think twice about buying the brand name Sea or Kosher Salt also.  If salt is white, it’s no good for you!  Beware of the packaging labels that claim to be all natural seasonings.  Remember that MSG is terrible for you and that savvy processors will hide MSG under the ingredient, yeast extract, or autolyzed yeast extract.  Beware of all natural seasonings, herbs, and products that say, “Packed in Water to Maintain Freshness”  It cannot be and is not packed in water alone.  There is a preservative in the water to prevent rotting, discoloration, and rancidity.  Buy only our New All Natural Seasonings.  Our New All Natural Seasonings is truly all natural, truly healthy, and, perfectly, palate-pleasing delicious.

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All Natural Seasonings – The Story

In this current time where Wall Street and Bank Bailouts are in the news and on the minds of many – high “un” and “under” employment – we are witnessing the birth and/or rising of many small businesses.  The stories are always touching and revealing.  Touching because many businesses are started out of a hardship in their life; revealing because a new idea reveals that we all have a deep inner drive to succeed.  The New All Natural Seasonings began through hardship.  The owners reflected on their lives and lives of their families.  All Natural Seasonings has adopted a mission and philosophy to exist to help people improve their lives.  All Natural Seasonings produces “food” that is good for the body while improving their dining experience with great tasting all natural seasonings.  The New All Natural Seasonings also is socially responsible as they also are founders of a Christian Ministry that helps people in need.  You can’t help but “feel good” about buying the New All Natural Seasonings.

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